We are an association of four women’ shelters, we are dedicated to hosting girls and women with intellectual disabilities under poverty and indigence conditions. They have been victims of violence, abuse, or abandonment by their relatives.

The shelters are conformed by an administrative management, a managing board and service staff. It is important to mention that our shelters become those girls’ real homes due to their currently abandoned situation and we are committed to them for lifelong.

Our women’ shelters belong to “Hogares Faustino Llamas Ibarra”, we are socially responsable, legally registered, fiscally transparent and operationally functional.

Shelters’ sustaining is so expensive but those private sector’s charitable donations received, which are tax-deductible, allowed us to sustain our daily expenses.

Nowadays, our women shelters host 87 women.

Dr. Faustino Llamas, our women shelters founder, asked to us: ” To look after all our women like  daughters “